Server setup Monitoring service Shared hosting special Proactive server management
  $199.95 $24.95/month $39.95/month $109.95/month
Unlimited application monitoring   yes   yes
24/7 monitoring with stats   yes yes yes
Unlimited admin tasks yes     yes
Initial server setup yes   limited1 yes
Regular software updates     limited1 yes
Monthly security audits & reports2   yes limited1 yes
3rd party software support yes   limited1 yes
Live technical support yes   yes yes
CMS maintenance & updates     yes yes
Failsafe/load balancing support yes yes   yes
Server migration support yes   yes yes
32-bit and 64-bit hardware support yes yes yes yes
Embedded systems support yes yes   yes
Control panel support yes   yes yes
Restore from backups after a crash/break-in yes   yes yes
Instant notification on a critical event2 yes yes yes yes
Automatic restart of a failed process       yes
Real-time intrusion prevention       yes
DDoS attack mitigation3       yes
Periodic system optimization       yes
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Note: all prices above are on a "per server" basis. Please contact us for volume discounts.

Other services

10 GB of data backup space + weekly backup $9.95/month
Daily MySQL backup with unlimited backup space $9.95/month
One-time server hardening against hacker attacks $99.95


Any questions? Feel free to ask us on the contact page !


1 - Please note that since shared hosting is about limited access to the server for the subscriber (i.e. server to be managed by us), we can only provide our services to the degree allowed by the access. This means we can't install or update anything that requires root privileges (e.g. Apache, MySQL, PHP, anything that has to use ports below 1024, anything that has to write to /etc, /var etc.) hence the management's mostly limited to CMS systems, scripts etc. This restriction also puts a limit on our monitoring and auditing capabilities, since some of these tools require root privileges for accessing critical parts of the system. For a complete list of features available for shared hosting customers, please see our detailed description of the shared hosting plan.

2 - We have strict provisions against spamming and try do our best to keep your personal data private and secure. Therefore we have an opt-in policy for any regular/automated correspondency in connection with our server management service (sending monthly audit reports, performance reports, graphs etc.). You can also opt out of these notifications at any time you want.

3 - Please be aware that not all DDoS attacks can be mitigated by our provisions (without expensive scaling). The utilities we install cannot thwart simultaneous attacks of tens to hundreds of thousands of computers or more. However small-scale DDoS attacks can be easily thwarted with the help of all our security provisions and optimizations.