Who are we?

First, this site has been created by a guy with quite an unpronounceable name (yes, really; none of the Americans could pronounce it the first time nor the second): Gergely Kun. Feel free to give it a try. If you manage to succeed (or at least your think you do), feel free to record it and send a link to the recording using the contact form below. If your pronunciation IS correct indeed (yes, with the "rolling R" as well), you'll be given a 10% discount on ALL of the products on this site. This is not a joke! Also, to make it even more serious, you can combine this discount with any other coupons you might already have.

Otherwise we're a bunch of admins from all over the world. The reason we've started up this site was our dissatisfaction with the cheap, but low-quality and rude server management companies out there who can leave one with quite a bad experience. Simply said we think that we can do much better than that.

We also figured that a lot of people in the online business have little knowledge about the dangers lurking in the mists of the Internet and keep their servers/VPS containers open as a prey for anyone with malicious intentions. Every once in a while some bad things happen to such servers, which in turn can make the customers desperate in their attempt to restore their service and prevent this from happening again. Our goal is to prevent or at least minimize the occurrence of such events. Also, we can restore servers to their former state using backups.

Furthermore we provide outstanding customer support for most of the popular CMS systems. Please note that this doesn't involve repairing bugs and other issues not related to the backend, since we're a server management company, nothing less and nothing more.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you really like our service, please don't refrain from telling about it on other sites either. However if you are dissatisfied with or have complaints about our services, please contact us first. This'll ensure the fastest resolution of your problems with our service.



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Note: We're sorry to inconvenience you for having all of our contact details in images. This is to prevent getting any more spammy IMs than we already do. Thank you for your understanding.